Pipeline Overview

Ocular Discovery expanding development program has established preliminary clinical proof of efficacy, formulation, patent approval, and global protection. Clinical studies are currently underway to investigate the drug’s efficacy in the treatment of patients with symptomatic ocular surface disorders. Ocular Discovery’s solution has received regulatory approval in Israel where it is available for the symptomatic relief of Dry Eye, Pterygium, and Pinguecula.

Human Health

Ocular Discovery channels the research and longstanding safety of well-established medications such as Dipyridamole, used for over 55 years for the treatment of heart-related conditions, to create new therapies that benefit patients suffering from eye disorders. The evolving treatment platform currently includes 5 different ocular surface indications in varying stages of development.


Animal Health

Research shows that Ocular Discovery’s Dipyridamole solution is a well-tolerated eye therapy that holds treatment potential for animals as well as humans. The growing animal program includes two feline indications.