News & Updates

Patent Enforcement Notice

October 2019

Cease & Desist notice issued to owners of a Colorado-based website, which was infringing Ocular Discovery’s US patents by offering dipyridamole-containing eye drops. The infringers have ceased sales of their infringing product and transferred ownership of their domains to Ocular Discovery Ltd.

Fifth U.S. Patent Granted

April 2019

Fifth patent allowance issued in the United States, toward the use of topical dipyridamole for the treatment of melanocytic nevus, cataracts, and ocular melanoma.

Research Partnership with the Dr. R.P. Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences at All Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi (AIIMS)

April 2019

Ocular Discovery launches novel research partnership with India’s leading eye care hospital, the Dr. R.P Centre for ophthalmic sciences, to investigate the mechanism of action of Dipyridamole in Ocular Surface Disorders. To view the official press release.

Fourth U.S. Patent Granted

March 2019

Fourth patent allowance issued in the United States, the for the use of dipyridamole in the following indications: keratitis, corneal abrasions, and corneal ulcers

Pterygium Trial Recruitment Completed

February 2019

Patient recruitment complete in India for trial exploring the use and effectiveness of Dipyridamole eye drops for the symptomatic treatment of Pterygium.
Trial completion expected by May 2019

Patent Granted in China

January 2019

Patent allowance issued in China for the indications of Dry Eye Disease, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Pterygium,  Pinguecula, and Corneal Neovascularization

Third U.S. Patent Granted

October 2018

Third patent allowance issued in the United States for the indication of Conjunctivitis

Patent Granted in Australia

April 2018

Patent allowance issued in Australia for the indication of Lacrimal and Anterior Eye Segment Disorders

Anti-Angiogenic Experiments Successful

February 2018

Preclinical experiments support the anti-angiogenic effects of Ocular Discovery’s Dipyridamole drops

Second U.S. Patent Granted

February 2018

Second patent allowance issued in the USA for the treatment of Pterygium, Pinguecula, and Corneal Neovascularization

Product Receives Approval in Israel

November 2017

Medical Device Approval & Free Sale Certificate granted by Israeli Ministry of Health for Ocular Discovery’s Dipyridamole patented dose range eye drop formulation

$4.4 Million Seed Funding Round Complete

June 2017

Ocular Discovery secures $4.4 Million in seed funding led by Norma Investments

Patent Granted in Israel

May 2017

Patent allowance granted in Israel for the indication of Lacrimal and Anterior Eye Segment Disorders

First U.S. Patent Granted

February 2016

Ocular Discovery receives its first patent allowance in the United States for the indications of Lacrimal System Disorders, Dry Eye and Sjogren’s syndrome in the eye